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Fun for the Lads
My girlfriend Tracey is a horny bitch at the best of times, and we’ve had a few fun threesomes with mates of mine in the past, but the night four of my mates came around to watch the match on TV, we all got more than we expected!! We were watching the match and Tracey was keeping us topped up with drink and food. I knew she was horny because her nips were clearly visible through her thin top and bra. She ended up spilling drink down her top, and went upstairs to change. The match was crap and so we decided to watch a few porn videos to cheer us all up. Tracey came down wearing her silk dressing gown and after getting a drink sat down to watch the vids with us. She started to get as much attention as the action on the TV as we realised that she was wearing stockings. She leaned forward to pick up her drink from the table and we all got a nice view of her tit as her gown gaped open. She smiled at us and asked us if we had enjoyed the view. Dave is a bit more forward than the rest of us and he asked her if that was all we were going to get to see. She slowly stood up and undid her dressing gown seductively and slid it off her shoulders and onto the floor. Our eyes opened wide as we found ourselves staring at her wearing her stockings, suspenders, open crotch knickers and a red Basque, with her tits and minge on show. She sat back down and started to watch the video again, slowly stroking her fingers along her cunt lips, teasing her clit. “Cocks out lads, ” she said, “ we can all wank together” and pretty soon we were all sporting stiff pricks and stroking them slowly. Tracey leaned across to me and started sucking my cock, the lads looked at me and after I signalled with a nod, they started to strip off and feel her tits and cunt. She was soon sucking cocks in turn and being felt up and sucked by all of us. We ended up having a sixsome with me getting the pleasure of fucking her tight little asshole as she took one in her mouth, one up her cunt, and one in each hand. We spent the rest of the evening and night watching the vids, and fucking, sucking and pleasuring Tracey in every way imaginable. The match next week doesn’t look too good either…………………

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