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How To Go Down On A Woman
frequently hear and read from women that many men do not know how to perform oral sex well. Given that even women who cannot experience an orgasm via penetration can almost always climax via oral stimulation, guys, learn how to go down on girls and they will regard you as a great lover! At the risk of sounding egotistical, I'm an expert at cunilingus. How did I gain this expertise? First, my attitude: I love pussy--the way it looks, smells, feels, tastes, and even sounds. Having a positive regard for pussy with all your senses is the first step. Second, my motivation: I like to sexually please women just as much as I like to be pleased, so I really WANT to bring them off and am not selfish about my own satisfaction. Remember that sex is circular: the more you please her, the more likely you'll be pleased by her. Third, my technique: I learned how to go down on girls by studying sex manuals, instructional videos (not porno), but primarily by listening and responding to many girls' feedback as to their likes and dislikes, including those I had sex with and any girl who cared to discuss the subject. Now the following may sound weird to some guys, but bear with me here: Eat pussy like you enjoy your dick being sucked. This concept will serve as a useful, though very general guide in pleasing women orally. Here's why: Morphologically, the clitoris corresponds to the last 1/3 of the penis, the vagina corresponds to the lower shaft of the penis, and the labia correspond to the scrotum. Begin very slow and light and gradually work up speed, pressure, and suction. Start out by gently brushing her pussy lips and clitoral hood with your fingertips. Do this very, very lightly, first through her panties. Don't remove her panties until you can see at least a little pussy juice printing through them. Take off her panties slowly. Get yourselves in a position in which you are both comfortable; either she is lying face up or on her knees facing down, but make sure you can easily get to her entire vulva. Then kiss her inner thighs, tummy, buttocks, and mons, getting ever closer to her pussy, but don't rush! Lightly kiss her labia and clitoral hood and exhale your warm breath onto them. Using your thumbs placed on each side of her labia majora, gently press up and out to open her lips and expose her clit and labia minora. Then lightly drag your tongue from the bottom of her vagina upwards across her clit. Flick the tip of your tongue very lightly up and down on her clit, very gradually increasing the speed and pressure of the flicking. Do this for a few minutes, then go back to licking upwards from the bottom of the vagina up to the clit and do this for a few minutes. Then gently suck her labia, pulling first one side and the other through your own facial lips, but do not leave her clit unattended for long, stroking it methodically with your tongue, fingers or thumb. Keep in mind the dick-sucking analogy: you like your balls licked and sucked but you like your dick sucked and licked before too much time elapses. She sould be sopping wet by this point, but carefully note her reaction to all this and adjust your speed, pace and pressure accordingly. Some girls like a finger or two or three inside their pussy while you do this while other girls do not. If she likes the simultaneously finger-in way, massage the G-spot, which is a slightly rougher spot about an inch or two inside the vagina on the clit side. As she becomes increasingly excited, suck on her clit, gently at first as you simultaneously make circles around it, flick up and down and back and forth with your tongue. You like your dick sucked this way, don't you? It takes practice, but you'll learn to pick up the signals that she is about to come, so slow your pace and decrease your suction as she approaches orgasm but before she climaxes to "take her back down" before gradually increasing your pace and pressure to rev her up again. Taking her through several up-and-down cycles like this will make her orgasm much more intense when you decide to finally maintain the action that will bring her to orgasm--again, just like a great blow job. Many women will experience multiple orgasms, and only a bone-head will not know when she is coming. Keep in mind that women are different in terms of exactly what they like, so watch her response to what you are doing and make the appropriate adjustments. For example, while you're going down, squeeze her boobs, gently pinch her nipples, caress or spank her butt, lick her anus, insert a finger in it, or let her suck on your finger (or dick, if you're in a "69"). Ask her what she likes and do just that. However, it's best to get down the oral sex basics before adding these variations according to your mutual likes and dislikes. I guarantee you will be a great pussy-eater if you follow these general methods.

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