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Beginning the Lifestyle
I would like to share my story regarding my introduction into the lifestyle with the younger readers, particularly the younger wives and girlfriends. I'm in my forties, but have been in an open marriage for twenty years and loving it. I was raised a strict Catholic; however, I had sexual arousals at 16 years of age and already developed 36D's. My parents arranged my first marriage and after two years it was a disaster. After my divorce, I went on a rebellious rampage and fucked everything in the bars I could find. Finally, I found my soul-mate and best friend and got married again. This man encouraged me to show-off my body and use it to get ahead in life and have fun. My first experience with the lifestyle began one night on a double date with my husband's best friend. I was supposed to introduce this guy to my girlfriend, who didn't show for the date. It ended with just the two guys and myself going to a local drive-in and watching a movie. I ended the date masturbating both my husband and his friend in the front seat of our car at the drive-in, while I allowed my husband's friend to play with my breasts. It started because I felt sorry for the guy because my girlfriend didn't show, but it ended with my husband later telling me how exited he got watching me jack-off his buddy. My husband was in the Army and we were tranferred to a small base. I was bored and needed a job, but the town was small and the PX had no openings for new employees. My husband later learned that the base NCO Club needed topless dancers and were hiring. He encouraged me to apply, and soon I was exhibiting my body to hundreds of men. This led to a few other soft threesomes with my husband's friends, plus nudity, skinny-dipping, and public exhibitionism. We were transferred about a year later to another base, where I obtained a job as a masseuse in a local massage parlor by day, and continued dancing topless on the weekends. I became well known by my husband's new friends, and once word spread around that this married dancer would jack you off at the massage parlor, I was busy masturbating six to eight cocks per day. The money was great, my body was in great shape, and I got to play around. Then some of my regulars began pushing me for blow-jobs, topless and nude massages, and finally sex. My husband worried about me being caught by an undercover cop or the establishment being raided. We came up with a plan where I quit my job at the parlor and began working out of the house. I accepted only an established list of clients from the base, mostly by word of mouth or through my husband. I charged only for the massage; regular topless with only a hand release; topless with a blow-job; or full nude with anything goes, except anal. During that year, we calculated that I serviced approximately one-thousand cocks in some manner to orgasm. Not necessarily 1000 different cocks, just 1000 total. During our free evenings and weekends, my husband and I were invovled in numerous 3-somes and gang bangs. Eventually we located a few other military wives and husbands who shared similar beliefs and lifestyles to where my husband could experience fucking other women. So ladies, if you feel wild and sexy, and your husband encourages the lifestyle, try it. You might like it!

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