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Likes em big and fat
My wife was first married to a guy with a nine inch cock that she said was very thick. The marriage didn't work out but they fucked upto the day they split up. Since that time she has had her share of sex partners but no one to match Fred. Since we were married three years ago, she has gone to bed with two old boy friends and two new guys, including her new favorite who has an average six inch cock, but is as wide as a beer can. She sees her lover once or twice a week and fucks him as long as he can last. She usually fucks him in our home, while I am away, but sometimes allows me to participate. She is a squirter when she comes, and this thrills her new man to no end. Iv'e been told that she emotionally loves to fuck me the best, but for pure fucking, Bill is her number one and he makes her come in ways that I just can't do. My wife is nice enough to rank me in her top five of lovers, but says that Fred and Bill are definate one and two. She also says she hopes to be able to see Bill for an occasional overnight visit so he can fuck her all night. I don't complain since she is the best fuck Iv'e ever had, and is all I can handle. When I fuck her along with Bill, Iam always the sloppy second guy, which I love, but I tend to swim in her pussy after Bill has spread her wide. The feeling is fantastic!!!

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