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A Real Nice Party
My wife Ann and I had been swinging for a few years and had been to a few parties but this one was an exception. This party was at a large house and there were about ten couples there. When we arrived we were greeted by a good-looking gal that was wearing a pull over with nothing-on underneath. She introduced herself as Betty and said that she was the hostess. She told us that the party had already started and to just make ourselves comfortable. As we walked through the foyer I looked into the living room to see several couples enjoying themselves. Two guys were sitting on the couch with two gals taking their cocks and getting their tits sucked. A gal was sitting in a chair with her legs spread open and a guy on his knees pumping his cock in and out of her. A gal ran passed us on her way to the bathroom with her hand between her legs trying to keep the cum from running out of her pussy. A guy was right behind her with a towel in his hand shouting, "here baby, use this". As we made our way into the great room we heard a lot of moaning and groaning and saw several other couples having sex. Every one seemed to be enjoying themselves. There was a bar in a corner of the room so we made our way to it. As we walked across the room we had to step over some bodies. This one guy was on his back with a blond with big tits riding his cock. As Ann stepped over him he grabbed her leg and ran his hand up her skirt. Ann never wore panties to swinging parties cause she would always have to be taking them off. He found her pussy and put his finger in it. Ann said, "I'll give you an hour to stop that". He said, "my name is Tom and I'll look you up later". Ann moved on over him and we made it to the bar. A redheaded gal was sitting on a bar stool with her legs over the shoulders of a guy, and he was pumping his cock in and out of her. She didn't even see us as she had her eyes closed, moaning like hell. A good-looking gal was standing behind the bar, stark ass naked with a guy behind her with his hands all over her. She said, "Bob, you're going to have to wait to fuck me until I can make these people a drink, hi there, what will you have?" I said, "I'll have a seven and seven and this pretty lady will have a Seven Up and maybe later I'll have a little of your pussy". She said, "my name is Mary and I'll take you up on that as soon as I take care of this guy". She made us our drinks and then a guy came up to us and introduced himself as Dick and the gal named Betty at the door was his wife. About then Betty came over and said, "I see you two have met my husband". Ann said, "yeah, and this is some party you guys have here". Betty said, "yeah, we like for everyone to have a good time". Betty came over to me and started rubbing her big tits against my arm while Dick put his arm around Ann and looked over at me and said, "Dave, you don't mind if I feel your wife's tits, do you?" I said, "I don't care and I don't think she cares either". He started unbuttoning Ann's blouse and then he opened it and found that Ann didn't have a bra on. He said, "now that's what I like, a gal that comes ready for action". He then reached under Ann's skirt and found her pussy and said, "wow baby, I know you're ready, your pussy is dripping wet". Betty said, "well, I don't think I'll be needing this anymore" and pulled her pullover up over her head and stood there naked as hell. She reached down and unzipped my fly and reached in and grabbed my cock and pulled it out and said, "look honey, Dave didn't have any undershorts on either and look at his big cock". My cock was rock hard in her hand as she stroked it. I said, "you'd better be careful with that, it might go off in your hand". Betty said, "it better not, I want this prick in my pussy". I looked over at Ann and she had her hand in Dick pants and pulled his cock out and was stroking it while he played with her pussy and sucking her tits. Betty said, "why don't we go into the bedroom where we can get more comfortable". Betty led the way with her hand around my cock pulling me along and Ann with her hand around Dick's cock pulling him. We went in the bedroom and there was a guy pumping his cock in a gal and he was cumming and groaning like hell. After he had blew his nuts and got his breath, he said, "we're done for now, you guys can have it". Betty said, "why thank you for the use of our bed, we fuck on it a lot too". Dick helped Ann with her blouse off and then unbuttoned her skirt as she stepped out of it. Ann had on a black garter belt with black thigh-high fish stockings, which made her look like a million bucks. Betty said, "your wife looks delicious, does she do bi and if she doesn't, I'd like to teach her. I know Dick isn't going to last long cause he just goes nuts over a gal in a garter belt and stockings". I had my pants and shirt off and Betty and Ann laid down on the bed with their legs spread apart and their knees in the air. Dick got down between Ann's legs and said, "baby, I'm going to eat your pussy like you never had it eaten before". With that he put his mouth on her pussy and started sucking it and lapping at her clit. Betty said, "c'mon lover, eat my pussy the way Dick's eating Ann's". So I put my mouth on her pussy and started sucking it and licking her clit. I put my finger in her pussy and reached up and found her G-spot and she said, "oh baby that's it, keep doing that". Some gals can get off having their pussy eaten and some can't. Ann never could, she liked to be fucked while getting her clit massaged. Betty was different, she was just about ready to cum and when I put my finger in her asshole, she let go with a big, "oooooohhhhhhh god baby, I'm cumming" as she pushed her pussy up in my face. I heard Dick say, "now baby, I'm going to fuck you good" and he got up and placed his cock at the mouth of Ann's pussy and started to shove it in when Ann said, "spit on it a little and get it wet before you fuck me". So Dick spit on his hand and rubbed in on his cock and started it in Ann's pussy. She moaned, "go slow until I get used to your size lover". Pretty soon Dick had all of his cock in her pussy and then he started to move it in and out as Ann started moving her ass in rhythm with his thrusts. By this time I was up on my knees with my cock in my hand as I put it against Betty's pussy and I started it in and didn't have any trouble as Betty was pretty wet. She said, "I like getting fucked by a new cock and yours feels good in my pussy". As Dick and I fucked each other's wife another couple came in the room. Dick said, "Dave and Ann, this is Tom and Janet, Tom and Janet, this is Dave and Ann, this is their first time at our party". Tom said, "yeah, I think I met Ann while I was on my back and she stepped over me on her way to the bar". As Dick fucked Ann, Tom moved over to the bed with his cock in his hand and offered it to Ann saying, "here baby, how about sucking on this while Dick fucks you". Ann reached up and put her hand on his swollen cock as he guided it into her mouth. Ann is a good cock-sucker and I knew that Tom would like her mouth. Janet came around to the other side of bed and reached down to feel Betty's tits. Betty said, "thank you lover, you know how to help make me cum, now pinch my nipples". Janet pinched Betty's nipples and Betty started moaning, "ooooohhhhh God, keep fucking me Dave, I'm going to cum". Janet climbed up on the bed and straddled Betty's face and put her pussy in her face as Betty started to cum. She must have cum for about five minutes like that. After Betty came Janet said, "how about giving me some of your cock Dave, I want to cum like Betty". I pulled out of Betty and she got up and Janet started to lie down when she reached over and grabbed my cock and said, "I want to taste Betty's pussy on your cock" and started sucking on it. She had my cock about as hard as it could get when I said, "you better stop before I cum in your mouth". She took her mouth off my cock and laid down with her legs spread apart and said, "okay lover, give me your cock". I took my rock hard cock, still dripping from Betty's cum and Janet's mouth and slid it in Janet's pussy. Janet yelled, "oh God, does your cock feel good, now fuck me hard like you fucked Betty". As I pumped my cock in and out of Janet, Betty got up on the bed and straddled Janet's face with her pussy. I could see Janet's tongue lapping at Betty's pussy and clit. I looked over at Ann getting fucked by Dick and Tom and Tom said, "c'mon Dick, how about letting me fuck her for a while?" Dick said, "well okay, but I'm going to fuck her some more later". Dick pulled his slick cock out of Ann and they traded places. Tom's cock looked to be about eight or nine inches and Ann raised her head and looked at it going in her pussy. It didn't seem to hurt as Dick had her pussy stretched already. She flopped her head back down on the pillow as Dick found her mouth with his cock. Ann took in about as much as she could. The both of them fucked her like she had never been fucked before. It didn't take long before Janet was moaning as she came and I couldn't hold back any longer as I shot my load in her. After I came I pulled my now softening cock out of Janet and wiped it on her belly as Betty saw it and came down with her head and started licking it up. These were two hot gals and they loved to have sex anyway they could. Betty finished licking the cum off Janet and she whispered in my ear, "does Ann have a hard time cumming while she is getting screwed?" I said, "yes, she likes to have her clit massaged while she gets fucked". Betty whispered in Janet's ear and Janet got on her hands and knees and leaned over Ann and put her hand on her clit and started massaging her clit while Betty leaned over and started sucking Ann's tits. Here was my wife getting fucked by one guy while another one had his cock in her mouth and a gal massaging her clit while another gal sucked her tits. This was a sight to behold, I wished I had my camera with me to take some pictures of this. It didn't take long for Ann to start moaning and moving her hips. I could tell that she was about to cum. She took her mouth off Dick's cock long enough to yell, "oooooohhhhhh God, what are you doing to me, IIIIIIImmmmmmmmmm cumming". Dick shoved his cock back in her mouth as Tom yelled, "oooooommmmmmaaaannn, so am I". Tom slammed his cock in her as Ann met his thrusts. All of a sudden I could hear Dick say, "I can't hold back any longer either, sorry baby but I just can't stop" as he held Ann's head and shot his cum in her mouth. Ann seemed to gulp it down as she gasped for air. After they all exhausted themselves and Tom pulled his cock out of Ann and Janet put her head down between her legs and licked the cum off her pussy. Dick pulled his cock out of Ann's mouth as the cum dripped down from her mouth. Ann could feel some ones mouth on her pussy and looked down to see Janet licking her pussy. Ann had never had a gal suck her pussy before and I think she was enjoying it. Betty went into the bathroom and returned with some towels and said, "here everybody, you can wipe yourself off with these". The gals continued to lay on the bed while us guys made our way back to the bar to get a drink. There were several other guys there that were recuperating from lots of fucking also. Dick said to me, "well Dave, how did you like the party?" I said, "this is great, I'm sure that Ann and I will be back, when is the next one?" Dick said, "in about two weeks, unless you want to get together sooner. I want to finish fucking that good-looking wife of yours". "And I'm sure she wants your cock again soon, too", I said. Just about then the gals came out of the bedroom with Ann in the middle as Betty and Janet had their arms around Ann and Ann came up to me and said, "smell me, Betty and Janet put some sweet smelling lotion on me and that isn't all, we all got in the shower together and it was fun. I never knew that I would like getting felt by another woman and feeling another woman, this has been the best time in swinging for me". Dick said, "well Dave, you can't argue with that, I think she discovered another world with our gals". Betty said, "that's right Dave, we can't wait to have fun again with your lovely wife". Tom said, "you're not leaving yet are you, there are several other gals to be fucked around here". With that this red-headed gal that was getting fucked at the bar when we came in grabbed my arm and said, "I hear you got a nice cock and I want some of it". Tom said, "see what I mean Dave". So we stayed for another couple of hours while I fucked about three other gals and several guys fucked Ann.

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