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Fun With Friends
My wife, Ann and I have been good friends with a couple, Tom and Cathy for several years. Ann is about 40 years old and had a beautiful body with 36 DD breast and she weighed about 135 lbs. I am 41 years old and about 195 lbs. and Ann considered me as hung with about eight inches. Cathy is a year younger than Ann but also had a beautiful body with breasts a little smaller than Ann. Tom is about the same as me except I never did see how large he was but Cathy told Ann that she and Tom had a terrific sex life and that he could satisfy her. Ann was very orgasmic and it didn't take much for her to climax with a little help massaging her clit. Our home in the Midwest had a secluded back yard with a tall fence and lots of privacy. Instead of having a swimming pool that took a lot of care, we put in a large Jacuzzi with a bathhouse next to it. One evening when the kids were away for the weekend we got together with Tom and Cathy and we were just sitting around talking and having a few drinks and having a good time. I was attracted to Cathy and wondered what it would be like to get into her pants. I think she could tell that I wanted her cause she would always tease me by doing little things like brushing up against me when we danced together or bending over so that I could get a look at her tits. I think Tom had the hots for Ann in the same way. It seemed like both Tom and I always had our ladies dress very sexy cause we were proud of them. This particular night, the gals always talked to each other before we got together to see what the other one was wearing so they could dress alike. They were wearing shorts that were shorter than regular shorts, and tops that showed their midriffs, usually with no bras on. It was hot and we decided to sit out on the patio and just relax after a hard week. Tom and I were sitting in chairs at a table and the gals were laying on the chase lounges. Cathy was across from me and was crossing and uncrossing her legs. I suspected that she didn't have any panties on cause I could get a glimpse of her bush every once in a while. She was doing this to tease me and it was getting to me as my cock was starting to get hard and she could see it under the shorts that I had hard on and I had a hard time trying to hide it. Tom could tell that she was getting me shook up and he seemed amused about it as he would look at Cathy and smile at her. Ann was also wearing short shorts but she had her thongs on underneath. She might as well not wear anything, cause they didn't cover up much. She was sitting across from Tom and he was also eyeing her the same way as I was eyeing Cathy. Finally Tom asked, "Well Dave, when are you going to invite us to share your Jacuzzi with you and Ann?" I said, "Well, it's a nice night and the kids are away and we have the evening to ourselves so I don't see why we couldn't get into it now." Cathy said, "Tom, I didn't bring a bathing suit along." Ann said, "Cathy, you're about the same size as me and Tom is about the same size as Dave and we have extra suits so it's no problem." So the girls got up to go in and change into their suits and when Cathy swing her legs over to the side of the chase lounge, she paused for a moment with her legs spread apart so I could get a good look at her beautiful pussy. She caught me looking and gave me a big smile as she got up and went in the house with Ann. Tom and I also went in and I gave him a pair of swimming trunks and we changed and went back out by the Jacuzzi. We waited for the girls to come out but they took so long that we decided to go on in. Ann and Cathy came out and they were both wearing Bikinis that looked like they were too small for them as their tits bounced up and down. Ann was having a hard time trying to keep her tits covered and Tom couldn't take his eyes off her but Cathy acted like she didn't care whether her tits were covered or not. As they got in the Jacuzzi, I had my eyes glued to Cathy's crotch, hoping to get a glimpse of her pussy again and she didn't disappoint me. Tom was at one end of the Jacuzzi and I was at the other end. As the girls got in, their tops hung down and their tits were all but hanging out. Cathy sat next to me and Ann sat next to Tom. I looked over at Tom and he didn't seem to care as he watched Ann sit down. I looked over at Cathy and said, "That top just about covers your, ahhh, tits, if you don't mind me calling them that and the rest of you looks great too." I looked over at Tom and he was eyeing Ann the same way. Tom said, "These gals look great in their Bikinis, and they just about cover their best parts, don't you think Dave?" I said, "You got that right." My cock was sticking straight out as I looked at Cathy's tits and she could see it under the water and she just smiled at me. I said, "When Ann and I get out here late at night after the kids are in bed or not at home, we usually are naked." "Dave," Ann said, "Don't tell them what we do out here." Tom said, "Well, the kids are not here and we are good friends so why don't we do the same?" I said, "Well why not, is it okay with you and Cathy, Ann?" Ann said, "I don't know, what do you think Cathy?" Cathy was already reaching behind her back, unfastening her top as she said, "I think it's a great idea," as she let her top fall off and exposing her beautiful tits. She threw it up on the deck and reached down and pulled her bottom off. She then threw it up on the deck too. She looked at me and said, "Okay, I'm naked so what's keeping you guys?" I reached down and pulled my trunks off and my cock was sticking straight out and Cathy had her eyes glued to it. I got up to thro my trunks up on the deck and forgot my cock was sticking straight out. Cathy looked at me and said, "My Dave, you look a little excited, do I do that to you?" I said, "You bet Cathy, I have always wanted to see what you looked like with no clothes on." I looked over at Tom and Ann and they were both standing up as they removed their suits. Tom pulled his trunks down and his cock was also stinking straight out and he was helping Ann pull her bottoms down her legs. Ann stepped out of them as Tom had his face down by her pussy. Tom helped her sit down and Ann looked at his cock and then looked at me then back at Tom and smiled. As Ann and Tom sat together I could see his hand move over on her pussy and Ann's hand grab his cock. I stood there watching them and felt a hand on my cock. I looked at Cathy and she had wrapped her hand around my rock hard cock and started to pump it. I said, "Careful there baby, I have a hair trigger and I don't want it to go off." I sat down with Cathy's hand still around my cock and then she had both hands on it. I reached over and put my hand on her tit and pinched her nipple and they were as hard as a firm grape. Suddenly, she got up and swung her leg over me and straddled me with my cock poking at her pussy. She now had my cock at the mouth of her pussy, rubbing it up and down her slit and she said, "I want to feel your big prick inside of me" and guided it in her pussy, slowly lowering herself down engulfing my cock. She put her mouth on mine and poked her tongue in my mouth. She put her arms around my neck and French kissed long and sloppy and then she raised up and pushed her tits against my face. I took one tit in my mouth and squeezed the other with my hand. I sucked on her tit and she started to moan. She was moving up and down on my cock and I was about to go out of my mind. I reached down with one hand and started to massage her clit and it was all she needed as she started to shout, "Oh God, you're going to make me cum, keep it up." She was moaning and groaning and I could hold back no longer as my cock started to shoot cum up in her pussy. She was cumming at the same time and we continued for almost a minute. I looked over at Tom and Ann and he had her up on the edge of the Jacuzzi with his cock in her, pounding her pussy as her legs were dangling around his back. Ann liked heavy pounding once in a while with a hard cock and he was doing just that. You could hear the slap, slap, slap, of his pelvis against her groin. Pretty soon I could hear Tom groaning as he shot his load in Ann. She locked her legs around him and she held him there for a few minutes while he empted his load in her. Ann told me once that having sex with a man and feeling his cum shooting in her is just about the most gratifying thing a woman can feel. I sat there for a few minutes with my cock still in Cathy as she continued French kissing me and telling me, "I just love having your cock in me, fucking me like that." I said, "I've always wanted to fuck you and I'm glad this happened, now maybe we can get together more often." Cathy said, "I'm sure Tom liked fucking Ann and I hope she liked Tom's cock as much as I liked yours." Cathy got up and I helped her get out of the Jacuzzi as Tom had gotten off Ann and she was also getting out They stood there looking at Tom and I and I noticed the cum running out of their pussies. I said, "You gals better go in the bathhouse and empty your cunts." So they went in the bathhouse and I looked at Tom and he said, "Dave, that wife of yours is really a good fuck, how did you like fucking Cathy?" I said, "She has got one good pussy man, I can't wait to fuck her again." "Me too", Tom said, "I don't know when I enjoyed fucking a gal better." I said, "I don't know about you, but I've wanted to fuck your wife for a long time." Tom said, "We talked about trading partners but we were waiting for the right couple to do it with and it looks like we found you guys and everything worked out right." I said, "Ann and I also talked about doing it with another couple but she is very shy and she sure surprised me tonight. Lets go on the house and get a couple of drinks while we wait for the girls." We got out of the Jacuzzi and went in the house and I made some drinks for us. We were sitting on the bar stools when the gals came in. Ann was leading the way with her tits flopping up and down and her ass waving from side to side. Cathy was right behind her doing the same. I looked at them and I could feel my balls stirring again. Ann went over to Tom and stood between his legs and Cathy came over to me a stood between my legs. Ann said, "You know this is not something that Dave and I planned." Tom said, "I know Ann, but it was bound to happen sooner or later and I'm glad it did." Cathy said, "Tom and I talked about what it would be like to have sex with other people but I didn't think it would be as great as this." Ann looked down at Tom's cock and it was getting hard again. She wrapped her hand around it, looking over at Cathy and said, "You know Cathy, I just loved the way that your husband pounded me in the Juccici, why don't we go in the bedroom for a while, I want your husband to fuck me again as soon as I can get his dick hard again." Cathy looked at her and then looked at my now hardening cock and said, "why not, I could use a good pounding like the way Tom pounded you, Ann." So we went into the bedroom and Ann jumped on the bed and spread her legs apart. Tom said, "Ann baby, why don't you give me a little head before I fuck you." So Ann got up and Tom laid down and Ann got between his legs and took his cock in her hand and licked the head of it and slowly ran her mouth down the shaft and it looked like she had about six inches in her mouth and Tom moaned, "Ggoooodddd Ann, you do that so well, keep it up." Ann continued sucking his cock and Tom was holding his head and moaning like hell. Cathy said to me, "How'd you like to get your cock sucked like that?" I said, "Baby, I'd love it." Cathy said, "Get your ass up on the bed next to Tom so I can get at it." So I got on the bed next to Tom and Cathy got between my legs and lowered her mouth down on my cock as she looked over at Ann sucking her husband's cock. She looked like she wanted get in rhythm with Ann as they continued sucking our cocks. Tom looked over at me and said, "Dave, it doesn't get any better than this, your wife sucks cock great." I said, "I know the feeling, and your wife sucks cock great too." Pretty soon Tom said, "Okay Ann get up on my cock and you can take as much cock as you want." Ann got up and straddled him and reached for his hard cock and guided it up in her pussy. Just looking at my wife with her hand on his cock putting it in her pussy just drove me wild. I wanted her to enjoy getting fucked so much. Cathy looked at them and she said, "Dave, I want to feel your cock now", as she straddled me and guided my cock up in her pussy. So there we were, Tom and I laying on our backs with each other's wife going up and down on our cocks. I looked over at Ann and she was leaning over and Tom had his hand on one tit while the other one was in his mouth sucking on it I reached up and got both of Cathy's tits and she leaned over and put her mouth on mine again and started French kissing me. Pretty soon she wanted to pound her pussy on my cock, so she broke off the kissing and started to move up and down on my cock. I had told Tom earlier as we talked about how our wives liked sex, that Ann liked her clit massaged so she could reach a good orgasm. I reached over in our nightstand and got a tube of KY jelly and gave it to Tom. He took it and put some on his finger and rubber it on Ann's clit. I also put some on Cathy's clit. Soon, as Tom was massaging Ann's clit and her riding his cock, she had her eyes closed and her mouth open wide as she started to cum. She started yelling, "Ohhhhhhh yeah, keep it up baby, I'mmmmmm ccccuuuummmmmiiiinnnngggg." Her head bent forward as she continued cumming as she grunted and moaned. Tom had his back arched up so he could get as much cock in her as possible. Pretty soon he started to shoot his cum in her and Ann pinched his nipples and he seemed to like that. Cathy continued pounding her pussy up and down on my cock until I thought she was going to break it off. Pretty soon Cathy started yelling, "Oh God Dave, I love your cock, I'''mmm cuuummmming." It seemed like she came for about a whole minute. She looked at me and said, "Okay lover, it's your turn now, shoot some more cum in me." She started pinching my nipples and it didn't take long for me to start shooting my load in her. After we all fucked our brains out, I looked over at Ann and she was broke out in her upper part of her body as she does this when she has a good orgasm. I said, "Well honey, did you enjoy yourself?" She said, "You bet, Tom has a nice cock and knows how to make me feel good." Cathy said, "Your husband has a nice cock too and knows how to make me feel good." As Cathy got up a lifted her leg, the cum started to drain out of her pussy. She looked down at it and said, "Dam Dave, you shot another good load in me." I looked over at Ann and she had cum dripping out of her cunt too. The gals got up and made a beeline to the bathroom trying to keep their legs together as they ran. Tom and I just laid there and laughed. We went to the other bathroom where we got some towels and dried ourselves off. We both got dressed and went into the kitchen where Ann and Cathy later joined us. They were both dressed in there shorts and tops and we sat down at the table and had a cold drink. Tom said, "Man Dave, I don't know if I can take this kind of exercise all the time." I said, "I know what you mean, all this fucking wears a man out." Cathy said, "You poor babies, I guess Ann and I will have to find some younger guys to fuck us if you can't take it." I said, "I wouldn't mind seeing Ann get fucked by some young stud with a big cock." Tom said, "You know, that sounds like a good idea, I know a couple of guys that would love to fuck you two." Ann said, "Cathy, you were only kidding weren't you?" Cathy said, "I don't know, I'd like to see if I could wear out a young stud." "Okay", said Tom, "I'll set it up for next weekend then." Ann looked at me and said, "Are you sure about this Dave, I mean watching me get fucked by some young stud?" I said, "Sure, why not, maybe they can bring some of their girlfriends along for Tom and I to fuck, Okay Tom?" Tom said, "Alright, I'll see what I can do then, I'll let you know." So Tom and Cathy left and Ann and I went to bed wondering about next weekend. End

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